Current works can be found at www.faelogie.com

Archival works can be found at CCCA The Canadian Art Database www.ccca.concordia.ca

Embracing elements of sculpture, drawing, photography and text, my practice operates within the registers of the scientific and the poetic, the conceptual and the environmental. Building on ideas, often initiating with the found object, image or text, I hone intention through critical observation, research and manipulation. Inquiring into how people create a sense of identity through the ecology and history of place, I traverse a range of concerns in both wilderness and urban settings, human and non-human. Seeking to deepen an understanding of the places we inhabit, my worknegotiates two major themes. The first negotiates lineage, identity, family and migration, exploring movements of people and things and the broader social and cultural implications of these movements.  Secondly, notions of dwelling and the urban forest have been an on-going interest. This includes perceptions and metaphors of the forest ecosystem as unique indigenous and modified treed landscapes, both local and distant.